Master stylist and salon owner Salih Cakirca’s career has been defined by his innate understanding of hair and his exceptional level of personalized service. With his experience spanning almost thirty years, he offers the most cutting edge hair shaping and conditioning trends while ensuring optimum class and quality for cuts and colors that last long.

Salih is the stylist that every New Yorker is looking for.

Salih’s Team include:

Garry Carter

Clara DeNardo

Kathy Hart

River Lloyd

His Story

Salih received his education and training in Istanbul while attending hairstyling shows and classes in Paris.  He started working in New York in 1989, and for over a decade cultivated a dynamic clientele in boutique Upper East Side salons.

In 2001, Salih opened the first location of Salih Salon at 20 East 67th St., and relocated to 30 East 67th St., 4th Floor, on Madison Ave., New York in 2013.  He’s developed an elite clientele of women and men, including celebrities, who come to him for customized cuts, color, and treatments that best suit their lifestyles.

His Style

Salih’s focused attention to each client, his warm and welcoming nature, and the range of techniques ready at his fingertips, including styles that exhibit the most dramatic of holiday glam to cuts that require minimal maintenance, are just part of what has made Salih Cakirca an Upper East Side mainstay for over fifteen years.

His Words

“I want my clients to feel comfortable and satisfied. To feel they have found a stylist with the most current techniques and trends in cutting, coloring, and styling. One who can create lines and finishes that are perfect just for them. This overall vision – that’s what makes my salon different.”