Spring has Sprung at Salih Salon

The snow is (slowly) melting. It’s remarkably still daylight when you leave work. Sunday brunches return to sidewalk bistro tables. All this means… It’s springtime in New York City once again. And with this renewed energy and promise, you emerge out of your winter hibernation, and into your lighter self.

You’ve spent all winter hiding your dry, staticky hair under beanies and cashmere scarves. But it’s time to toss that wool hat to the inner sanctum of your closet, and put some life back in your hair.

As the season turns brighter and more hopeful, Salih Salon is focused on reflecting this levity in their clients’ hairstyles. Salih emphasizes, “Everyone needs to change with the Spring.” After a cold and seemingly endless winter, a new look can reflect a revigorated attitude. Salih says, “With all that new energy, we get playful. People want something different, they want to feel comfortable again, stylish, hot and sexy.” He accomplishes this through various styling techniques, such as layering, adding body and volume, big wavy hairdos, and overall, returning shine and life to the hair.

Now that flowers are back in bloom, and green leaves once again envelop Central Park in a lush canopy, the city awakens to a vibrant new color palette. And so do Salih’s clients. He and his team freshen up the hair with color highlights, citing new trends that go lighter, particularly honey blond. Salih Salon has an array of different clients, male and female; blond, brunette, and redhead. But no matter who you are, Salih and his team will enliven you with an individual look, and a sense of positivity.

As April showers morph into May flowers, we are ushered into wedding season. Blushing brides can expect to waltz down the aisle with long, elegant waves and big soft curls. Styles are mostly worn down, occasionally with a touch of Spring in the hair, with a whisper of flowers or other seasonal adornments.

Spring has Sprung at Salih Salon

The warmer temperatures and brighter moods also convey a sense of wanderlust to world travelers, with New York City as a hot destination spot. With the ease of the season, Salih reports many clients returning to the city from their summer homes in Florida or their residences abroad, and they pay a visit to his Manhattan salon to get freshened up. “Clients come from all over the world, from Europe, South America, from the American Midwest. The weather is nice. So, it’s a great time to walk around the city, go shopping on Madison Avenue, spend the day in the park, try out new restaurants, catch new museum exhibits.”

With this influx of world travelers, Salih Salon gets busy too. “Everyone’s hair gets tired, damaged and dry from the cold weather. Now it’s Spring. People have lots of events and parties. They want to be outside and social again. So, we cheer up the look, and we cheer up the person, with colors and styles that make people feel lighter and sexier.”

Spring has Sprung at Salih Salon

So, whether you’re biking the Brooklyn Bridge, sailing around the harbor, or hitting up an art gallery in Chelsea, bring back some movement to your life, and some energy to your hair. And Salih Salon is just the place to make that happen.

Everyone should look radiant and sexy, with a nice healthy hairdo. That’s what we do. We freshen up people for the Spring.